New Kayaks


The Group recently added 6 new kayaks to its fleet.  The Group purchased 5 new Safari H2O Dash 12.0X kayaks and paddles with a TCF grant and paid for 1 kayak from Group funds.  Stephen Crean and Vic Eastman did the grant writing.  Brian Williams sourced the brand and model of kayak.

What we love about Cubs


Mark from Scouts came to visit with Cubs to talk about computers and help us with our Information Technology badge. We got to look inside some computers and see all the bits and pieces. We learned about being safe on the internet too.  Later we wrote down some of the …

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Working Bee

working bee

On the weekend 12/13 April 2014 a working bee was held at the Hall. A dedicated group of leaders, parents and youth members spent the time attending to a range of duties around the grounds and in and on top of the Hall.