Award Scheme

The Venturer Award Scheme can be found on the Scouts Australia website.

Venturer Scout uniform badge placement

The Venturer Scout Award Scheme is designed to widen Venturers’ interests and knowledge, while challenging them at the same time. It assists in planning a balanced program based on the Aims and Methods of Scouting.

The Award Scheme is not compulsory for Venturer Scouts, but those who do attempt it find they have a lot of fun while discovering new things.

There are four main components to the Award Scheme. These consist of the Venturing Skills Award, the Venturer Award, the Endeavour Award and the Queen’s Scout Award. In addition, Venturers may earn a number of special badges depending on their interests.

Note: If you are a Scout you need to earn the Venturer Scout Link Badge before you progress to the Venturer Scout Section.

By completing your Venturer Award you are eligible to apply for two Certificate II qualifications – Certificate II in Leadership Support and Certificate II in Business.

You may also be eligible for VET recognition through completing your Queen’s Scout Award and/or the Endeavour Award.

The Rover Link Badge links Venturer Scouts to the Rover Section and is the next step towards the summit of the Scouting journey. Completion of this badge prepares the Venturer Scout for advancement to a Rover Crew. To earn this badge, formal contact must be made with a Rover Crew prior to joining one and Rover activities must be participated in with at least one being an overnight activity.

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