Award Scheme

A new award scheme is being implemented in 2021. Please refer to the Award Scheme tab on the home page for the full details.

Here is the new Joey Scout Challenge Journey


Joey Scout uniform badge placement

Caring and Sharing Badge
Each Mob plans and runs programs for one month that focus on caring and sharing. As a highlight, the Mob does a special deed for the local community.

Buddy Scheme Badge
Joey Scout Mobs visit each other, share activities and have great fun. The Mob Buddy Scheme aims at building a rapport and friendship between different Mobs.

Environment Challenge Badge
The Mob undertakes four simple Environmental Challenges that aim to develop an appreciation of and respect for the natural environment, to gain knowledge of Australian plants and animals, and to develop a sense of responsibility in behaviour and action.

Adventure Challenge Badge
The Adventure Challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout’s life experiences through visiting places to which the Mob doesn’t usually go. Some of the adventures could include a trip to the beach or a creek, a bushwalk, visiting a museum or a farm… the possibilities are endless!

Promise Challenge Badge


The aim of this challenge is to allow older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Scout Promise and Law, to learn about Scouting’s Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, and to discover the history of Scouting.

The challenge requires the Joey Scout to complete certain elements, such as research and discussion with their parents and Leaders, away from the Mob meetings. The Joey will also be required to give a presentation to the Mob on completion of the task.

The Cub Scout Link Badge links Joeys to the Cub Scout Section. Completion of this badge prepares the Joey Scout for advancement to the Cub Scout Pack.

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